“YES, Show me your EXACT PROCESS For Enrolling Affluent Coaching Clients Using Low-Risk Facebook Ads On A Tiny Budget!”

I Understand On This Call I Will Discover:

  • The exact 3 step system Jason has used to make millions of dollars in his coaching business —
  • ….WITHOUT doing any organic marketing, posting on Facebook, wasting time in groups or doing endless “Challenges”.
  • The exact type of ad that is magnetically attracting affluent clients & pulling them out of Facebook like fish jumping into a boat.
  • Why you should NEVER start on Facebook ads with more than $5 to $15 per day in ad spend EVEN IF you have money to invest.
  • The EXACT “1% Targeting Formula” our clients use to find “qualified” coaching clients with Facebook ads even if they have never run an ad before OR every ad they have run → has failed.

IMPORTANT BONUS: I’m also giving you a video tutorial & advanced template detailing the 300 Word Facebook ad. This is a copy of the exact ad AND a video to go along with it to show you how to use it. (It will automatically be sent to you right after your call.)

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